Our values are the foundation of everything we do. We believe in authenticity, diversity, and the beauty of stories that connect us all. Our mission is clear: to create media that resonates deeply, challenge perceptions, and foster meaningful connections through the art of storytelling.

Sydney Daley

There hasn’t been a time she can remember that Sydney hasn’t had a camera in her hand looking for her next creative project to bring to life. With over 12 years of editing experience, Sydney graduated from the University of Windsor in 2018, double majoring in Drama and Communications, Media & Film and used her last year to study abroad and gain some international experience at Southampton Solent University in the UK. Since then, Syd has worked on countless production projects in front of and behind the camera, soaking up industry knowledge and coming up with a few tips and tricks of her own to bring to the work she does with you.

Merissa Daley

From a young age, Merissa has used video as her medium. It was the best way for her to get her ideas across in a fully engaging multi-sensory experience. While managing a production department, she learned a lot through the lens of others. She has worked with a variety of studios, not-for-profits, professional sport teams, and has traveled internationally for filming. These experiences led her to gain knowledge in digital marketing and ecommerce inspiring her to get her certification.  Since then, her passion for storytelling and lifelong learning continue to grow. She has experience with people of all ages and abilities and has created countless videos to bring joy to others, while sharing their story. She always strives for better and always perseveres whether it is personal or professional. Shes forward thinking and level headed, but also fun and playful in the moment. She loves summer, being on the water, and making people smile.